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Bearwood Physiot​herapy

Get Better with Bearwood - For Every Body that Moves!


£60 - Initial appointment to assess your concern

(If you experience multiple areas of pain/concern please contact us directly to arrange a longer appointment at your convenience)

This is a one-off appointment which allows for the body area of concern to be fully assessed to determine the cause of your pain/symptoms to which a treatment plan will be formed and commenced within the session.

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Follow-Up Appointment

£50 - Appointment to continue your care

(You will need to have had an initial assessment prior to these appointments)

These types of appointments are aimed at continuing and fine-tuning your treatment plan. 

The type of treatment/s used and frequency of appointments will be tailored you and your pain/symptoms.

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Fix in Six!

£280 - 6 sessions 

Book this package and save 10%

(6 sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase - discount only available for sessions within the package)​

This course is perfect if you need a jump start to overcom​e an injury, flare-up or need to change up your rehab plan to get back in top form! 

This bundle includes your assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan and hands-on therapies. 

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Align in Nine!

£370 - 9 sessions

Book this package to save 20%

(9 sessions must be used within 4 months of purchase - discount only available for sessions within the package)

This course is ideal for you if you've had a injury for a little while  and are struggling to get back to your usual activity.

Like our Fix in 6 it aimed to give you a boost in your recovery and help you develop your rehab plan further.  

This bundle combines your assessment, diagnosis, treatment plans and hands-on therapies. 

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