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Bearwood Physiot​herapy

Get Better with Bearwood - For Every Body that Moves!

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Ready to recover? Move more? And have less pain?

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Not sure how we can help? Give us a call or pop us an email and we can talk through our assessments and therapies in more detail and find you a plan that suits your needs.

07986 726346

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Assessment & Diagnosis

45 minutes - £60

 Initial session to determine the cause of your pain

Individualised treatment plan formed including:

  • Advice about your condition
  • Injury Management 
  • Individualised Exercise Plan
  • Trial of most appropriate Therapy/Treatment

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Continued Care

Package Deals

Free initial assessment and discounted rate 

6 sessions - £275 / 9 sessions - £375

Blends our Assessment & Diagnosis session with multiple Therapy & Treatment sessions to maximise your recovery, healing and prevent future injuries


  • Assessment & Diagnosis  x1
  • Therapy & Treatment sessions x 5-8

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Therapy & Treatment

30 minutes - £50

Continues your individualised treatment plan, fine-tuning & adjusting your program to 

meet your specific needs

Includes therapies to maximise your healing and recovery including:

  • Hands-on treatments (see services)
  • Pain Education 
  • Injury Management & Prevention 
  • Return to Physical Activity or Sports

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